Mass Effect Legendary Edition name-dropped by the Korean ratings board

The long-rumoured Mass Effect Trilogy remaster hasn't yet been announced, but that hasn't stopped the game from getting an age rating in Korea. 

The Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea added the rating to its website, which was then spotted by the folks over at Gematsu. The rating refers to the game as Mass Effect Legendary Edition - a name that's been reported as a title for the project before.

RPG Site understands that the Mass Effect Legendary Edition was originally intended to release this November, but recently slipped to 2021. One thing said to be holding the complete package of all three entries of Commander Shepard's story back from a 2020 release were changes being made to the first Mass Effect, which is significantly different to the latter two titles in the series.

It's possible we might get a further hint at the title in just a few weeks - EA and BioWare treat November 7th as a holiday of sorts, annointed in honor of Shepard's 'N7' military designation. If there were to be news this side of the new year, that'd be one of the obvious places for it to happen.