Final Fantasy VII / Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Twin Pack for Switch and FF8 Remastered for PS4 to get retail release in Europe/Australia

Square Enix has announced that both Final Fantasy VII / Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Twin Pack for Nintendo Switch and Final Fantasy VIII Remastered for PlayStation 4 will receive official physical editions in Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and New Zealand. The games are available on Square Enix's official European store, set to release on December 4, with the Twin Pack priced at €39.99 and the lone PS4 Final Fantasy priced at €19.99.

There is no indication these releases will see daylight in the Americas.


Final Fantasy VII released digitally on PlayStation 4 in 2015, followed by Switch in 2019. Final Fantasy VIII Remastered released digitally last September. The Twin Pack previously released in Asia with support for multiple languages.

Additionally, Square Enix Asia posted on its Facebook page that Final Fantasy IX would also be receiving a physical release with multiple language support, however the post has since been pulled. Siliconera captured the post, and maybe we'll see this announcement again sometime in the future.