Rune Factory 5 introduces Lucy, Cecile and more supporting characters

Marvelous has updated the Japanese official website of Rune Factory 5, revealing more characters that will appear in the game. Two of them, Cecile and Lucy, are main characters that can also be romanced by the player character. Four new supporting characters are also introduced.

If you missed the news, Marvelous previously revealed the player characters as well as the first four romanceable main characters: Martin, Reinhard, Priscilla, and Scarlett.

Rune Factory 5 for Nintendo Switch will be released first in Japan on May 20. The Western English localization will be available later in 2021.

Hero & Heroine Candidates


Cecile (voiced in Japanese by Ayumu Murase)
Martin's younger brother; a youth who admires detectives. As someone brimming with so much curiosity that he turns anything into cases with his delusions, he gets along well with the Protagonist. Ever since he has grown up, he seldom talks with Martin so people may think they are keeping distances from each other. However, Cecile likes his brother deep inside. He wants to become a detective because he wants to find their missing parents with his own hands.


Lucy (voiced in Japanese by Yuka Iguchi)
Priscilla's childhood friend; a girl who likes to move her body. She always keeps an eye on Priscilla to make sure that the latter doesn't get into any dangers. She really hates losing, so she always challenges the Protagonist to bouts. Although Lucy has a special skill of getting over-familiar and befriending people immediately, she actually falls into loneliness easily.

Supporting Characters
  • Simone (voiced by Marika Kouno)
    The town's mayor who also works as a doctor. Although she prioritizes patients and won't leave sick people, she nonchalantly tries out new medicines. She is deeply trusted by everyone.
  • Julien (voiced by Masami Suzuki)
    Simone's son and Lucy's younger brother. Although he likes expeditions, he randomly gets lost. He wants to show something good to Hina.
  • Terry (voiced by Taku Yashiro)
    An informed source whose hobby is to pursue mysteries while working on his main job as a detective. He has light footwork.
  • Hina (voiced by Shiina Natsukawa)
    A were-animal girl rescued by the Protagonist. She is fickle and easily gets interested in new things. She is an elusively natural airhead.