Mercenaries Blaze: Dawn of the Twin Dragons launches on December 17 in North America and Europe

Circle Entertainment has announced that Mercenaries Blaze: Dawn of the Twin Dragons will launch for Nintendo Switch eShop on December 17 in North America and Europe. The game previously released in Japan on October 1. A PlayStation 4 release has also been announced in Japan, but no other information has been shared.

Find a description and some screenshots from Circle Entertainment below. An announcement trailer and screenshots can be found here.


Mercenaries Blaze: Dawn of the Twin Dragons features a lengthy campaign with gameplay depth and a fascinating story. Grow with your team by clearing strategic turn-based battles, with many optional missions and details to consider – which class will you upgrade for each character, and what equipment or skills will you prioritise?

Developer Rideon’s highly-regarded turn-based strategy battles are carried out from an isometric viewpoint, and are characterized by increased versatility as you position characters not just in terms of elevation and enemies, but also to maximise attacks and defence depending on the direction you face. Varied weapons and skills are all tools that need to be utilised smartly for the best results, with
character classes being integral to the player’s strategy.

New to the series for Mercenaries Blaze: Dawn of the Twin Dragons are fully 3D Battle Maps, along with improved visuals and audio. Character designs are from Mr. Masayoshi Nishimura, with the varied cast telling an exciting and surprising story.


  • Experience an amazing story with two distinct paths and a diverse cast of characters.
  • Lots of optional battles that allow you to see more of the world and level up your team.
  • 3D Battle Maps, giving greater control and depth in strategic play.
  • Use Blaze Exceed, a key power that can turn the tide of battle.
  • Incredible depth beyond battles, as you carefully manage equipment, skills and classes for
  • your team.

Though the entire series is available on Nintendo Switch (Mercenaries Saga Chronicles, Mercenaries Wings: The False Phoenix), this latest entry can be enjoyed by newcomers as well as series veterans thanks to its standalone story.

Mercenaries Blaze: Dawn of the Twin Dragons Screenshots