Monster Hunter Rise - Dual Blades and Bow Gameplay Trailers

Capcom has released new gameplay videos for Monster Hunter Rise, showcasing the game's Dual Blades and Bow weapon types. This is the third such weapon video, following one for Great Swords in October.

Check out the new gameplay below.

Dual Blades

Lithe, agile and relentless. The Dual Blades deliver an onslaught of slices in rapid succession. "Piercing Bind" is a silkbind attack that pierces targets with a detonating kunai. Landing further hits where the kunai is lodged racks up extra damage that scales with each hit.

Bow Trailer

Swift, elegant and precise. The Bow combines high mobility and rapid attacks to rain down a constant stream of arrows onto monsters. "Herculean Draw" is a silkbind attack that surges you forward in a designated direction and uses Ironsilk to empower your attacks.

At The Game Awards last week, Capcom revealed two new monsters alongside several returning ones in a trailer, and the game is also getting a free demo next month.

Monster Hunter Rise is set to release on March 26, 2021 for Nintendo Switch.