Final Fantasy XI for Mobile has reportedly stopped production

It looks like development for the mobile version of Final Fantasy XI has been stopped, according to an exclusive report by South Korean finance website MTN.

Based on a translation posted on Reddit, development of the game has stopped as the team, including director Sim Gi Hoon, has been restructured to work on other Nexon titles such as Project NGR and Tales Weaver M. The information comes through an insider source. Throughout a troubled development, the game had reportedly shifted in the direction of combining the RPG and trading card elements. 


Plans for a mobile version were first revealed in 2015, as Square Enix would work in collaboration with Nexon to bring the Final Fantasy XI experience to phone and tablet devices. Since then, details have been scarce, outside of a few in-development screenshots from a job listing. Considering the lengthy development and lack of information, murmurs of cancelation don't come as too much of a surprise.

Despite all this, new story content is currently ongoing in the longstanding PC version of Final Fantasy XI with The Voracious Resurgence storyline, with the latest event landing less than a week ago.