Scarlet Nexus introduces six new characters

Following a new trailer and Summer 2021 release window given at The Game Awards, Bandai Namco has released new screenshots and character details for Scarlet Nexus.

Find our translations of the new character bios below, which includes four new party characters and two story characters.

New screenshots can be found in the gallery.

Scarlet Nexus Characters

Arashi Spring (voiced in Japanese by Yui Horie)
Working as PR staff in the OSF, she has a lot of ardent fans from men and women of all ages. But she only plays a bright and sweet workaholic girl in front of camera; she is actually a lazy person who is much more passionate in slacking off than working.

But her true ability is rumored to be of a Septentrion caliber, and she is also prodigious as an engineer. As long as she has the motivation, her calmness and brilliant brain are very dependable. Although she is actually Fubuki's sister, the effects of growth control may lead some to think that she is younger than Fubuki, but she is actually the elder sister. Her superpower is super high speed.


Shiden Ritter (voiced in Japanese by Kengo Kawanishi)
A sourpuss member of the OSF who has a very sharp tongue. With a high pride and negative personality, he is very strict on both himself and others, and he tends to cause problems in personal relationships. He didn't get along with the captain in his previous unit, so he transferred to this unit in this period. But his ability is extremely excellent, and he makes up for his bad attitude with a surplus of war deeds.

He has a tendency to frankly approve people with better abilities than him. The Septentrions are Shiden's admiration and benchmark. He especially esteems Seth, who has the same Electric Discharge superpower as him.


Kyoka Eden (voiced in Japanese by Yumi Hara)
A woman who is well known as an intelligent, beautiful, and graceful member of the OSF. Although she has a lot of fans both inside and outside the force, she doesn't really seem to be interested in her own looks. She is often assigned to gather the unit due to her very caring personality. Normally she may look kind and gentle. But once she enters a battle, she becomes dauntless like a totally different person.

She considers her teammates as family, and she also has a maternal instinct with a desire to devote to her teammates and underlings to the point of being annoying. She really likes things like fortune-telling, and whenever she finds something new she must try it out. She comes at the same period as Arashi, and they are close friends with each other. Her superpower is self-duplication.


Kagero Dan (voiced in Japanese by Daisuke Namikawa)
A friendly young man who is also a bit frivolous. He was scouted into the OSF after he had already grew up into an adult. He can immediately befriend anyone by using his elegant looks and witty talk. He personally claims that he seems to be popular among women. As the mood-maker of the unit, he stays calm even during a dilemma. Although he jests even in serious situations he doesn't look timid at all.

An immigrant from the religious territory of Togetsu, he also had a past of being a priest in the Togetsu religion. But he doesn't seem to be interested in the teaching so he doesn't want to talk much about it. Although he joins at the same period as Tsugumi, they are friends who can talk with each other without being hesitant. His superpower is transparency.


Naomi Randall (voiced in Japanese by Asuka Nishi)
Kasane's elder stepsister who is kind and a bit reserved. As the eldest daughter of the wealthy Randall family, she was doted by her parents and raised fully into a lady. But she is not an egoist at all, and she can approach anyone without distinction. She has the strength and honesty to help the weak and unnerve the strong. Although the adopted Kasane is of the same age as her, she lovingly dotes Kasane like an actual younger sister. She also often follows up on Kasane, who tends to go into quarrels. Her superpower is clairvoyance.


Cullen Travers (voiced in Japanese by Nobuyuki Hiyama)
The 2nd regimental commander of the OSF, and the 1st class in the Septentrion order. His strength is in a league of his own even when compared to the rest of OSF. Being silent, self-confident, and never embellishing his own words, he may also be considered arrogant. However, Cullen's overwhelming charisma and strength are irresistible appeal points, and many in the OSF do admire him.

As Luca's actual elder brother, the two lived together on their own without any other relatives. The 1st regimental commander Fubuki is his childhood friend who joined at the same period as him, and both of them are also called the Twin Walls of OSF. Cullen's superpower is undisclosed.

Scarlet Nexus Screenshots and Character Art

Scarlet Nexus is set to release for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC via Steam in Summer 2021. For more details, you can check out: