Crimson Desert - Trailer Commentary and Game Overview Videos

Pearl Abyss has posted two new videos for Crimson Desert, offering a thorough summary of the upcoming RPG.

The first video is a commentary for the recent lengthy trailer shown at The Game Awards last week by Executive Producer Daeil Kim. The second video gives a broader overview description of Crimson Desert's world, combat, exploration, main character Macduff & his companions, and more.

While Crimson Desert was originally described as an MMORPG when it was announced in November 2019, Pearl Abyss now refers to the game as an open-world action-adventure with both a single-player narrative and online multiplayer elements. Their description and the new videos can be found below.

Crimson Desert is set to release for "consoles and PC" in Winter 2021.

Game Description

What is Crimson Desert? Crimson Desert is an upcoming open world action-adventure being developed by Pearl Abyss for both console and PC which will combine elements of narrative-driven single-player games with online multiplayer functionality. Built on Pearl Abyss' proprietary, next-gen engine, Crimson Desert will deliver high fidelity graphics & game features, and a highly immersive gameplay experience. A story of survival, Crimson Desert follows a group of struggling mercenaries and the many characters who cross their paths in the vast continent of Pywel. This is a world where heroes are made, but not without incredible hardship, pain and perseverance.

Dev Archives: Trailer Commentary

Get a developer's insight and new info about Crimson Desert with Executive Producer Daeil Kim as he goes over the scenes and content of the world premiere gameplay trailer in this Dev Archives commentary.

Dev Archives: Game Overview

What can be found in the world of Crimson Desert? How will the action feel? Who is Macduff? The lead devs answer these questions and more as they give an overview of Crimson Desert's world, story, game content, and action direction in the very first Dev Archives video.

The lead devs featured in the video
Daeil Kim: Executive Producer
HwanKyoung Jung: Producer
SeongWoo Lee: Producer
Hyoseok Chae: Lead Combat Designer