Star Renegades 'The Imperium Strikes Back' update adds new ice planet, monsters, bug fixes, and languages

Publisher Raw Fury and developer Massive Damage have released a new free update to pixel-art roguelike RPG Star Renegades on PC, dubbed the 'The Imperium Strikes Back'. The update adds a new planet with new enemies and bosses, alongside fixes for a few outstanding bugs and support for Korean, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Chinese languages. The update will launch for console versions in 2021.

Star Renegades released for PC (Steam, GOG) in September 2020, followed by a Nintendo Switch and Xbox One (and Xbox Game Pass) release in November 2020. A PlayStation 4 release is set to launch in early 2021.

Find the update notes below.


Improvements & Fixes

  • New Planet Prycon: Alternate second planet to Norosh, Prycon is far more dangerous and not for the weakhearted. However, Prycon enemies also provide increased DNA rewards. Locked until you've defeated the Imperium at least once.
  • New Prycon Adversary: Tempest - A fearsome Adversary that can control the harsh climate of Prycon to his squads advantage.
  • New Prycon Adversary: Shivver - A cold-hearted assassin that can shutdown even the best of the Renegades
  • New Prycon Adversary: Ogre - An unstoppable force of nature, one of the toughest Adversaries that the Imperium has ever created.
  • New Prycon Behemoth: Abomination - A wild Behemoth, indigenous to Prycon with a voracious appetite and infested with Mites.
  • New Prycon Behemoth: Siren - The Prycon Behemoth that might appear deceptively docile, but has more than a few tricks up her sleeve.
  • New Prycon Drone: Frostbot - A new addition to the Drones. Beware of them in large numbers!
  • New Achievements for defeating the Abomination and the Siren Behemoths
  • Faction dungeons should now be accessible on every map after defeating the faction scout
  • Fixed issue where enemies could still be broken past the end of the next round
  • Fixed issue where a faction dungeon would be spawn in your starting location and be inaccessible
  • Option to disable FF effect and change to 2x speed

• Many of these changes will not appear until you start a new run / mission. You should either finish your current run or you can Abandon Mission to unlock the new planet and content.

But wait... There's more!
In a day or two (if all goes well!) we'll be introducing four new languages to the game! Korean, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese and Chinese (traditional).

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