Acquire announces dungeon crawler Labyrinth of Zangetsu

Publisher Acquire and developer KaeruPanda have announced Labyrinth of Zangetsu, a monochromatic dungeon crawler RPG set to release this Summer in Japan. The publisher's product page can be found here, which states the game's platforms are undecided.

In a press release, Acquire highlights four key points being pursued in Labyrinth of Zangetsu:

  1. The "origin point" of hack-and-slash
  2. The "Japanese style", which Acquire excels at
  3. Depicting deep "profoundness" with an ink painting style
  4. A "Japanese mix" sound with an emphasis on Japanese instruments from various periods, from Gagaku (old court music) to Noh theater

A bit more information about the game comes from this week's issue of Famitsu magazine. Gematsu has translated content that can be seen in Bookwalker's free trial. Additionally, Famitsu's magazine lists Labyrinth of Zangetsu's platforms as Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC, despite no platforms detailed from Acquire directly.

The Famitsu details and some screenshots can be found below.


World View: A World Painted Jet Black by the “Ink of Destruction” Calamity

The story is set in Ido, “the city of the morning moon,” which continues to fight against the calamity that is the “Ink of Destruction.”

Ido belongs to Tokinokuni, a country that resembles medieval Japan, and is a fortress city protected by a powerful magical technology barrier located directly beneath the “moon” that always shines in the sky.

The city summons travelers from all over the world to select “Ink Destroyers” from among those with extraordinary power.

Ink Destroyers are given the task to proceed toward “Sakyuu,” the most dangerous area.

Ink Beasts: Born from the Ink of Destruction

When the living come into contact with the “Ink of Destruction,” some went mad and fell to death, while others became demons and began to attack their loved ones and devour their neighbors.

When the dead come into contact with the ink, they are resurrected and wander the world to increase their ranks.

Furthermore, inanimate objects can become ferocious, wriggling monsters…

These were called “Ink Beasts” and were feared by the people.

Labyrinth of Zangetsu