Rumour: EA Store Boxart points to Kinect support for Mass Effect 3

Now here's an interesting rumour - an uploaded-then-pulled piece of boxart for Mass Effect 3 on the official EA store features the distinctive purple "Better with Kinect" banner - indicating that the Action RPG might feature Kinect support.

Spotted on the EA site by a member of gaming mega-forum NeoGAF, the leak comes days before E3, where we at RPG Site and tons of other gaming media will go hands-on with the game and see it in action.

The boxart shows Shepard in a different pose but in a similar setting to the Game Informer cover artwork that has been previously released. Previous poses had Shepard brandishing a pistol in a different stance - this one has him with the pistol again but with his head down and his omni-tool powered up. This pose hasn't been seen before, so it's definitely fresh out of EA.

This could just be an mistake in the template used or it could be something bigger - though we'll likely be finding out on June 6th when EA has their E3 2011 Press Conference where Mass Effect 3 will be demoed live on stage. Stick with us for the latest, as always.