The Caligula Effect 2 announced for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan, set to release on June 24

During this week's Nintendo Direct JP presentation, FuRyu announced The Caligula Effect 2, set to release for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on June 24 in Japan. The game is being developed by Historia, who previously worked on The Caligula Effect: Overdose remaster. 

Some preliminary details about the game and character cast can be gleaned from the official website. The game looks to have a similar premise to its predecessor: a group of people finds themselves in a false but ideal reality, but the group makes the tough decision to return to a less forgiving real world. The website also states that Tadashi Satomi (Persona 2 duology) returns to contribute to the game's worldview.

The announcement trailer can be found below alongside our translation of the website details. No English localization has been announced at this time.

Game Details

Game summary
A school RPG where you aim to return to reality from an ideal world that liberates people from regrets of the past.


Regret: Creator of the Ideal World
A mysterious Virtuadol who suddenly appeared in society. Her mystifying singing voice invites people to Redo, a virtual world that grants ideals.


χ (Greek letter Chi): The Other Songstress
The other Virtuadol who denies Regret's way of thinking, she grants power to the protagonist's party in order to destroy Redo. She also uses her song power to support the Go-Home Club.


The 2nd Go-Home Club: Dares to return to harsh reality by destroying the ideal world of Redo
Their appearances in Redo are false ones shaped by past regrets. Their actual situations in the real world are often grim and harrowing. Why do they still want to return to harsh reality? That is the taboo that can only the player can step into.

Obbligato Musicians, guardians of the regret-less world Redo

[Tentative name romanizations: Makina, Pandora, Mu-kun, #QP, Doktor, Kudari, Kranke, Bluffman]

They provide songs to Regret in order to charm people inside Redo, gathering faith towards Regret and making this world even more solid. One may be able to catch a glimpse of reality from the songs they composed. Because they are people who seek salvation in Redo.

New Battle System: Predicting the future while connecting combos
When you choose an action, you can check whether the action will succeed in the future. By using it properly, you can coordinate with your allies and overturn disadvantageous situations. It implements battles that can also be easily enjoyed by novices.

Character Cast

The Caligula Effect 2 Characters
  • Protagonist (Male CV: Tatsumaru Tachibana, Female CV: Yoh Taichi)
  • Gin Noto (CV Aoi Ichikawa): "Well, rest assured. I don't want to see my classmates die, so I'll help you as much as I can."
  • Kiriko Miyasako (CV Yume Miyamoto): "I don't like being under someone's forecasts..."
  • Shota Tsurumaki (CV Kento Ito): "All right, fine! We shall decide with a majority vote!"
  • Sasara Amiki (CV Sumire Morohoshi): "There is no need to think! Anyway returning to reality is the right thing to do, so it'll be okay once we've returned."
  • Kobato Kazamatsuri (CV Yuto Uemura): "But I will enjoy my youth until I get bored of it. No matter what is correct, no matter what's being said by anyone, I'm not giving it up."
  • Niko Komamura (CV Hiyori Kawano): "Okay, being energetic is my personal worth! I'm Nikoniko, Niko Komamura!" [TN: Nikoniko is a Japanese term for smiling, but may also work as Niko's nickname]
  • Ryuto Tsukishima (CV Kouki Uchiyama): "Then let's make it just like that. Good thing I joined the club, huh? Congrats."
  • Marie Amabuki (CV Mai Fuchigami): "There is no meaning in succeeding in a world of delusions. I think we must stand and face reality."
The Caligula Effect 2 Screenshots and Artwork