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Rumour: Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Details Leaked

Multiplayer has been rumored as a new feature for Mass Effect 3 since the day it was announced but Bioware later denied such rumours and insisted that Mass Effect 3 is a single-player game. After the recent delay of the game into 2012, rumours are returning again, some think that addition of multiplayer is the cause of the delay. Today megamers claimed that they have first details of the multiplayer features:

  • The game will feature a Horde style multiplayer mode with “crap loads” of maps.
  • It will also have the regular modes such as Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag.
  • The Horde mode will have objectives like Capture The Flag, King of the Hill, and simple shoot-to-kill ‘waves’ as well.
  • Up to four players can play cooperatively in the Horde mode.
  • Maps are “fairly small” but well designed.
  • Players can choose from 6 different classes, or use a prebuilt one’s. Our source didn’t confirm what those classes were, but we reckon all those from ME2 will be present.
  • There will be a level cap of 60.
  • Some of the enemies were confirmed as well: Geth, Marauders, Husks, and a new enemy type called Brutes. The source described them as insanely “huge ass”.
  • The game will also feature a ‘multiplayer store’. The store will carry upgrades for weapons, etc. and other items.
  • Players will be able to buy said upgrades and items by earning in-game money based on their performance in the multiplayer. Our source wasn’t sure if the in-game money can be earned via the single player campaign as well, “but I doubt it. Seems like the (singleplayer and multiplayer) modes will be separate.”


Multiplayer is becoming a very important feature these days, it will increase the lasting value of the game, combats used sales and more. Some publishers have said that they plan to ship multiplayer with almost all of their products. More and more games ship with online passes.
Bioware has been hiring multiplayer programmers for some time now, it wouldn't surprsie us if this is true.

megamers say that multiplayer is still very early and needs "lots of work". EA announced the release date of Mass Effect 3 yesterday; releasing on March 6, 2012 on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. Looks like Bioware has enough time to polish the multiplayer!

Look forward to Mass Effect 3 coverage by our team at E3 in the coming days.

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