Maglam Lord - Gelet Trailer accompanied with more gameplay screenshots

D3 Publisher continued the weekly Maglam Lord character trailer coverage with a new one for Gelet, the beast girl who is also known in the game's world as a performance idol.

While the previous weeks simply saw trailers for Darius, Charm, and M.O.A.V., this week's trailer was accompanied by more new information and screenshots for the game. The new screenshots explained the following features:

  • You can carry up to 3 different weapons during a mission. While you can bring one of each weapon type available (Sword, Axe, Spear), you're also allowed to have all 3 weapons of the same type.
  • An enemy will have weaknesses and resistances to weapon types and elements (Fire, Thunder, Ice). It may also constitute one of the four sizes (Small to Giant) and five types (Humanoid, Steel Husk, Magic, Undead, Brute Beast) that may be affected by weapons that have a special effect against both parameters.
  • A partner character can be assigned a different title that will give different buffs, such as prolonging the combo window or reducing skill SP usage.
  • The game will also have encyclopedia and gallery modes where you can view collections like unlocked BGMs and endangered species encountered.

Find Gelet's trailer along with more screenshots for Maglam Lord right below. The new action RPG will be released on March 18 in Japan. An English localization has yet to be announced.

Maglam Lord screenshots