Rune Factory 5 battle system and available weapons introduced

Marvelous published more details on their upcoming game Rune Factory 5. The new screenshots mostly explained the game's battle system. The coverage also introduced more characters that the player can interact with in the town.

A total of 8 weapon types are available for the player to wield in battles. Continuing to focus on a weapon type will eventually allow the player to get more skills related to that type, such as step attacks, charged attacks, to even finishers.

The player also has a Rune Ability that can be used by spending Rune Points. There are multiple abilities with varying effects from special attack to recovery. You can always change the active Rune Ability at any time to optimize an enemy's strengths and weaknesses.

Weapon Types

  1. One-Handed Sword - Allows safe attacks without any gaps
  2. Two-Handed Sword - Known for high power and wide range
  3. Twin Swords - Able to quickly launch rapid attacks
  4. Spear - Its long reach prevents enemies from getting close
  5. Axe - A powerful single blow, along with a high critical rate, are both appealing
  6. Hammer - Has high attack power with a stunning attack
  7. Fists - Can attack quickly and also blow enemies away
  8. Wand - Has a variety of elemental magic and charged attacks
Rune Factory 5 Weapon Types

More Characters

  1. Randolph (voiced by Volcano Ota)
    An honest old man who runs a bakery. He is always smiling while dealing with things softly. Randolph loves his wife Yuki. He is thinking to create a new pastry.
  2. Yuki (voiced by Naoko Watanabe)
    An old woman who works in a bakery as a couple. Being naively innocent, she accepts other people for what they are without having any fear or prejudice.
  3. Heinz (voiced by Takumu Miyazono)
    A man who always plays innocent. Although he manages a shop, he wants somebody else to run it so he can do something interesting. He does not look at other people's eyes when he speaks.
  4. Doug (voiced by Hirofumi Nojima)
    A blacksmith dwarf who thoroughly interacts with his customers. The town's veteran ladies know him since his young and inexperienced years.
  5. Parmo Cleasy de Viviage (voiced by Takahiro Fujimoto)
    He's not just a carpenter in the town; he's a famous architect known in the Royal Palace and even regions beyond the sea as well. Most of the buildings in Rigbars were made by him.
Rune Factory 5 Characters

Find more screenshots that show the battle systems in Rune Factory 5 right below. The Nintendo Switch RPG will be released first in Japan on May 20. The Western release will follow later within 2021.

Rune Factory 5 battle screenshots