Koei Tecmo announces Blue Reflection: Second Light for PS4, Switch, and PC; Blue Reflection: Sun for mobile & PC

Today, Koei Tecmo and Gust have announced two new Blue Reflection video game projects as part of a cross-media project with the upcoming Blue Reflection Ray anime series, including both a new console RPG and mobile offering.

Blue Reflection: Second Light


Firstly, a console followup to 2017's Blue Reflection is coming to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam, titled Blue Reflection: Second Light. Koei Tecmo has also already confirmed an English localization, although no release window or other details about the game have yet been given.

Blue Reflection: Sun


Secondly, a new mobile/PC game has been announced for Japan, titled Blue Reflection: Sun. The game will be available on the DMM Games platform. While no other details have been shared, it seems more-than-likely this will be a free-to-play or gacha-styled RPG. This title has not been announced for English release.

Koei Tecmo states that the three Blue Reflection works (Ray, Sun, and Second Light) are independent stories each with a different set of characters. Any piece can be enjoyed individually, but Koei says you can get a deeper enjoyment of the world if you experience all three works.

A combined artwork for the three Blue Reflection projects can be found below, illustrated by Mel Kishida. An official portal website has also been opened, in addition to an official Twitter account.

We'll have to wait for more information on these video game projects.