Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory just had its ending changed, ever so slightly, in its latest patch

Square Enix has recently updated Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory to version 1.04. While previous updates to the game have been addressing small issues in more simple bug fix patches, this most recent update also interestingly alters an end-game scene, if ever so slightly.

Note this is one of the scenes near the end of the game, so be warned of potential spoilers.


In the scene titled 'Arrival' within the in-game Museum function, a short clip has been added that contains a brief dialogue between Even, Ienzo, and Ansem. A static screen is shown, and the three researchers make quick remarks about things going wrong when viewing Kairi's memories. This seems to relate to events that happen later in the game's ending sequences, which we won't spoil outright.

In any case, here's the scene in question, captured by our friends at KHInsider. The new clip can be found at about the 30-second mark.

Even: What's Happening!?
Ienzo: And just when things were going well.
Ansem: Something's wrong. Shut it down!

As for why Square Enix added such a small, seemingly almost insignificant clip to the game, maybe they felt it contained important context in setting up later events, either within Melody of Memory or perhaps even future titles. Scenes aren't added to games like this very often (unless your name is Final Fantasy XV), so even if this seems like no big deal, maybe there's larger importance there? Or maybe not. it's hard to tell with Kingdom Hearts sometimes.

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in November 2020. A PC version is coming to the Epic Games Store this week.

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