Pixel-Art Action RPG Anuchard launches for Steam in Q3 2021

Publisher Freedom Games and developer stellarNull have announced that pixel-art action RPG Anuchard will launch for PC (Steam) in Q3 2021.

A gameplay trailer, description, and screenshot set can be found below via Freedom Games.

About the Game

Eons ago in a place far above, there was a land called Anuchard, a vast and prosperous island protected by five Ancient Guardians. One day, the Guardians turned their back on the Anuchardians. The utopian civilization shattered and fell from the heavens, leaving only a tiny island and a mysterious Dungeon behind. Here, a distorted abyss of time and space awaits alongside the slumbering Guardians.

Step into the role of the mystical Bellweilder in a retro-inspired 2D action RPG. Chosen after countless generations, the Bellweilder must enter the Dungeon and work to restore Anuchard to its former glory. Explore and encounter fierce monsters, mind-bending puzzles, and the frozen souls of villagers who entered before you.

As you progress, the villagers you’ve rescued will help you on your journey, granting you the strength required to awaken the Guardians and re-build the civilization of Anuchard.


  • Challenging Combat Featuring the Knock-Back Battle System: Make every strike with the Audros Bell ring out on your enemies
  • Crafty Dungeon Puzzles: Test your skills and seek creative solutions to progress through the Dungeon
  • Charming Villager NPCs: Save and recruit villagers to your cause and reap benefits ranging from new shops to powerful upgrades
  • Recipe-Based Cooking System: Unlock new powers for your weapon by learning and preparing a variety of meals
  • Engaging Storyline: Uncover the history of Anuchard as you begin your work to restore the fallen land