The Evil King and the Splendid Hero will feature a new song by Akiko Shikata

Nippon Ichi Software published a new promotional trailer and a new set of screenshots for The Evil King and the Splendid Hero. The trailer features a new theme song "Txilrcka" sung by Akiko Shikata of Ar Tonelico fame.

The new screenshots confirmed that the three characters revealed previously—Konko, Sakasa, and Flora—can join Yuu's journey as party members. Each character also has their own unique attack methods, special skills, and field activities.

  • Konko attacks by biting enemies with his big mouth. His special skill lets him attack multiple enemies on the same row at the same time. On fields, he can dig the ground to find hidden items.
  • Sakasa uses her knife juggling technique to taunt her enemies. Her special skill enables her to generate strong wind that damages all enemies while buffing allies' speed stat. She can also use her knives to open treasure chests that Yuu cannot reach on her own.
  • Flora uses her parasol to repel enemies. Her special skill has her hide, which also improves her chance to avoid attacks. Yuu can cling onto Flora and her parasol to navigate areas with strong wind flows.

Other than that, the game also has an area map so that the player does not get lost while exploring outside. The map also has marker symbols such as conversation bubbles that indicate optional requests available to undertake.

Find the new trailer and screenshots for The Evil King and the Splendid Hero right below. This game will be available for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on June 24 in Japan. An English localization has yet to be announced.

The Evil King and the Splendid Hero