Monster Hunter Rise Ver.2.0 Update will add Apex Diablos, more Elder Dragons and Layered Armors on April 28

Today's Monster Hunter Digital Event stream has revealed more details on the first post-release update for Monster Hunter Rise. The Ver.2.0 update will add at least 5 new monsters with an HR cap unlock and many more features.

Prior to this news, we've learned that the first post-launch update would add Chameleos and Apex Rathalos, along with a feature to unlock the player's HR (Hunter Rank). Today's stream newly revealed that this update will also add Apex Diablos while bringing the elder dragons Teostra and Kushala Daora back to the roster. While the Apex monsters had to be exclusively fought in Rampage quests at launch, this update will allow them to be hunted through new regular quests.

The HR cap unlock will also come with even more features. While it also gradually unlocks new quests and various upgrade caps, the biggest one will be the ability to forge Layered Armors based on the in-game lineup at the Smithy.

Capcom will also start releasing downloadable Event Quests after this update. Unlike the online-reliant World, the event quests in Rise will act more similarly to prior titles like Generations Ultimate. All you need to do is to download the quests from Capcom's server and they will always become available even when playing solo and offline. Some of the event quests will even reward exclusive stickers and gestures as well.

Find the new update trailers right below. Monster Hunter Rise is now available worldwide on Nintendo Switch. The first update to Ver.2.0 will be released tomorrow on April 28. The other update to Ver.3.0, which will also add a new ending, is slated to come around the end of May next month.

English Trailer

Japanese Trailer

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