Tactical roguelike RPG The Last Spell launches for Steam Early Access on June 3

Publisher The Arcade Crew and developer CCCP have announced that tactical roguelike RPG The Last Spell will launch for Steam Early Access on June 3, priced at $19.99. A 10% discount will also be given to those who purchase the game within two weeks of the launch date.

A lengthy gameplay overview video can be found below. CCCP has stated plans to also bring the game to Nintendo Switch, but no formal release details are available at this time.

Tactical defense RPG The Last Spell is bringing humanity’s battle to survive throngs of attacking beasts to Steam Early Access on June 3 for $19.99. A 10 percent discount will also be available to tacticians who join the cause within two weeks of the game’s Early Access launch.

A newly released gameplay overview shows the extinction-threatening plight awaiting humanity’s best (and only remaining) strategists: slaying and fending off endless hordes of monsters as they swarm civilization’s final Haven. The Haven’s mages need time to banish the accursed magic spawning these beasts; calculated plans of attack and careful fortification of city defenses is vital, but even defeat brings valuable new lessons. Learn how to lead a band of heroes against humanity’s demise

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