Project Wolf revealed as Metal Saga: Hangyaku no Rouka for Switch and more platforms

At the Metal Max 30th anniversary stream, Success revealed that the newest game in the Metal Saga series—previously known as Project Wolf—shall now be titled Metal Saga: Hangyaku no Rouka. The Japanese subtitle can be translated to "Beacon of Mutiny." The game will be available on Nintendo Switch and more unannounced platforms.

Just like the past series, the new Metal Saga game will take place in a post-apocalyptic world. But while prior console games in the series had humanity struggle against the supercomputer Noah, that menace no longer exists. The threats have now changed to greedy humans who crave power, wealth, or fame.

The protagonist, whose gender can be chosen by the player, is a mid-rank hunter who gets amnesia due to a certain incident. You will start the game at Rusty Garden, a town containing a base for Heaven's Wall, a resistance group that intends to rebel against the greed-controlled world.

Metal Saga: Hangyaku no Rouka

This new Metal Saga game will move on from random encounters to symbol encounters. Battles will trigger seamlessly by approaching a monster symbol on the field. The battle system will still use turn-based commands. However, this game will have a new Tactic system that lets the player set and activate pre-determined commands for each party member. The player can optionally turn it on for situations like grinding levels and off for boss battles.

This game will also feature a Villa on an uninhabited island that can be freely customized by the player. Other than customizing the interior, the player can also build more facilities, including an expanded garage where you can showcase your tank collection. You can even have one of your favorite NPCs move in to live inside your Villa as well.

Although Success has yet to announce a release window, Metal Saga: Hangyaku no Rouka will be available on Nintendo Switch and other platforms. Other than the platform, Success also noted that the game will support more languages other than Japanese. However, it has still yet to be confirmed if English will also be included or not.