Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis launches on June 9

Sega has announced that Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis will launch on June 9 for Xbox platforms and PC. The new version update should be accessible through existing PSO2 launchers on either platform.

More information about login bonuses and countdown campaign events will be given in the near future. The announcement from Sega can be found below.


The official PSO2:NGS launch date has been decided!

Scheduled Launch Date:
After the maintenance on June 9, 2021 (Wed)

Due to the PSO2:NGS launch, the scheduled maintenance that would have occurred on June 9 (Wed) will be moved forward by about one or two days. More information will be announced at a later date.

Global Maintenance Announcement

Due to the change in the maintenance schedule, there will be changes to the dates and the content of the “The Road to NEW GENESIS Event” countdown login bonus event. More information will be announced at a later date.

Note: There are no changes to the amount of SG distributed.

We will hold campaigns to celebrate the launch, so be sure to check them out! 

Thank you for your continued support of PSO2:NGS!