Wizardry: The Five Ordeals launches on Steam in Early Access this Month, English support forthcoming

Game*Spark Publishing and 59 Studio have announced that Wizardry: The Five Ordeals will launch for Steam this month in Early Access.

Wizardry: The Five Ordeals originally released in 2006 as a Japanese-only PC game titled 'Wizardry Gaiden: Itsutsu no Shiren - Five Ordeals'. The dungeon crawler featured five original scenarios along with a scenario editor where players could create their own. This new re-release includes two additional UI modes compared to the original, giving four total.

The Early Access details on the Steam page state that the game does not yet fully support English, but some English UI elements are already in place. The game is planned to be in Early Access for about a year, in which English support will be added, alongside other additions to the scenario editor.

An announcement trailer (captured by Gematsu), description*, and screenshot set can be found below.

*The description has been slightly edited for language clarity

The best spin-off of "Wizardry", beloved for 15 years in Japan, is coming to Steam.

The Wizardry series was born in 1981. In Japan, it is known as the originator of hard-core fantasy games, and many Japanese fantasy works have been under its influence.

Old "Wizardry" which follows the old hack and slash TRPG style, the objective is to create a character/party in the training center on the edge of town, and conquer the labyrinth in first person dungeon crawl. Combat is a simple turn-based system, now synonymous with JRPGs, and storytelling is narrative heavy, the Japanese still believe that is one and only master piece.

Wizardry: The Five Ordeals originally released in 2006 and aspires to go back to the old school. The Five Ordeals is part of the "Wizardry Gaiden" series, a spin-off of the Wizardry series known in Japan. Five independent scenarios (each taking a dozen hours to complete) can be played in one software package. Main Monster Design are Jun Suemi (Japanese famous illustlator), BGM Made by Basiscape (known by 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim).

  • Made and share Your Own Adventure: This Game's biggest main feature is Scenario Editor. You can make your own old-fashioned dungeon crawler, and you can also play those made by others. Of course, the balance of the game is yours to decide. Over the past 15 years, Japanese users have created more than 110 scenarios, and were the driving force behind bringing the game to Steam.

  • Brand New Enhanced Version: This versino of Wizardry: The Five Ordeals is remade under the Unity engine, and almost everything has been overhauled except for the game balance and foundation of the game. You may be able to play this game as an old-school title like a new one made in 2021.

  • Widescreen/high resolution support, 3D labyrinth and high resolution monsters.

  • 4 UI modes in total, including 2 completely new ones.

  • New built-in scenario selector

  • Gamepad support

  • Steam cloud support

  • Custom portraits support

  • Various editor updates and enhancements

Attention of Language

At launch, the each official scenario (eg: scenario message, item name, monster name. it changes depending on the scenario) and scenario editor have not been translated into English. but the game itself already has an English UI (There will be some untranslated and unadjusted parts). We are doing our best to translate the missing parts into English.

Wizardry: The Five Ordeals Screenshots