Meta RPG adventure Terrorbane announced for Nintendo Switch and PC

Publisher Crunching Koalas and developer BitNine Studio have announced Terrorbane (stylized as tERRORbane), a 'meta' RPG adventure where a game developer tries to make a classic-style JRPG while squashing bugs. The game is set to release for Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam), though no release window has been announced.

An announcement trailer, description, and screenshot set can be found below. Thanks to RPGamer for the heads up!

Become Terrorbane, the hero of legend!

Travel through majestic lands and defeat epic foes!

There is nothing wrong with this game!

Subtle references to legendary games!

The Developer is here to guide and help you!

A 100% bug free experience!

Curious what to expect from this 4th-wall-breaking, meta-commenting, legend-referencing, bug-finding work of art?

Well, wonder no more!

In tERRORbane you’ll find:
  • JRPG inspired gameplay with majestic lands and mighty foes
  • Quirky characters and snappy dialogue
  • Bugs!
  • More references to video games than you can handle
  • A friendly, and a bit cocky Developer
  • Original take on classic mechanics
  • Absolutely no bugs!
  • Diverse lands that don’t fit into any one genre (Fantasy? Post-apo? We don’t know!)
  • Alright, there might be a few bugs here and there, but you’ll help us find them, right?
  • George!
Terrorbane Screenshots and Artwork