Square Enix announces free-to-play mobile action RPG Echoes of Mana

During the Mana series 30th anniversary live stream, Square Enix announced Echoes of Mana, a free-to-play action RPG for mobile devices set to release in 2022 worldwide. The new title has an official page on both Facebook and Twitter, and is being developed by Wright Flyer Studios. The official website is here.

The game includes characters from across the Mana series, including Hero & Amanda (Adventures of Mana), Randi & Primm (Secret of Mana), Duran & Angela (Trials of Mana), Keldric & Lekius (Dawn of Mana), and more.

An announcement teaser trailer and some screenshots can be found below. Gameplay can be found in the live stream starting at 1:11:52.

Under the Mana Tree, all lore and legends shall gather. ECHOES OF MANA, the free to play Action RPG is coming to mobile 2022 worldwide.

Echoes of Mana