Monark opening movie features theme song "Nihil" by virtual singer KAF

FuRyu has published the opening movie for their upcoming new JRPG, Monark. The 90-second movie features a theme song titled "Nihil" and performed by the Japanese virtual singer KAF.

Find the Monark opening movie right below:

Monark is a school-themed JRPG that has its story written by Crystar's Fuyuki Hayashi and Megami Tensei II's Ryutaro Ito. It will have a soundtrack composed by Tsukasa Masuko. The player will become a high school student at Shin Mikado Academy tasked to rescue your friends from the Mist of madness.

You will choose one of four key characters to be your partner in investigating the Mist; each character will have their own story route and ending. Your choices and actions in the game will decide your Ego based on the seven deadly sins and determine which Fiends you can employ in battles. Monark will let you customize Fiends in not only abilities but also appearances.

FuRyu will release Monark for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch on October 14 in Japan. NIS America will localize the title westwards with an additional PC release in early 2022.