Tales of Arise opening movie features theme song "HIBANA" by Kankaku Piero

At today's Tales Of YouTube Channel Summer 2021 live stream, Bandai Namco revealed the opening movie for Tales of Arise. The movie features a theme song titled "HIBANA" and performed by Kankaku Piero. The Japanese rock band has also been known to provide opening themes for the Black Clover anime. As reported previously, the animation in this opening movie is done by Ufotable.

The full opening movie is available on the Tales Of YouTube Channel. Although the uploaded video features the song in Japanese, Kankaku Piero confirmed on Twitter that an English version of the song will also exist. The latter will be used for the English release of the game, as proven by the English version uploaded on Bandai Namco's European channel.

Japanese Opening Movie

English Opening Movie

Tales of Arise will be available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC via Steam on September 10. Japan and Asia will see the console releases arriving one day earlier on September 9.

If you missed the coverage, Bandai Namco has been regularly publishing video coverages for the upcoming JRPG. In addition to developer diaries, they have also published individual character introduction videos of Alphen and Shionne.