Classically styled isometric RPG Encased gets a gameplay trailer

Publisher Koch Media and developer Dark Crystal Games have released a new gameplay trailer for Encased, a classically styled isometric RPG set to release this Fall for PC (SteamGOG, Epic). The game originally launched as an Early Access title in September 2019.

The new trailer and description can be found below, via Koch Media. For more, you can check out the recruitment trailer shown during the E3 weekend.

The new trailer showcases a variety of characters and weapons that players will encounter throughout their journey through Encased’s alternate 1976. The desolate landscape holds dangers around every corner that players must overcome if they hope to stand a chance at survival. But when The Dome, an inexplicable artifact that is packed with incredible technology that could advance humanity hundreds of years is discovered, you’re among the first that are chosen to step inside.

Players start off in one of five disciplines – science, engineering, security, management, or as a convict - all of which affect their stats, specializations, and allow for unique dialogue options that could alter how the story plays out. After entering The Dome, a cataclysmic event turns what was once the bright hope of tomorrow into a desolate world of survival.

If players hope to survive the horrors of The Dome following this event, they’ll need to engage in tense turn-based battles, explore The Dome in its entirety, and make choices that could spell doom for themselves and everyone else inside.

During their travels, players will encounter factions that are competing for power, all of which have a different goal for humanity in mind. Along the way, players will have the option to expand their party with unique characters such as Yoko, a robot child on the path of self-discovery and self-identification; Sparrow, a mysterious fighter for justice, and other unconventional heroes.