Murder-mystery card-battler RPG The Magister launches on September 2 for Nintendo Switch and PC, September 3 for Xbox One

Publisher Digerati and developer Nerdook Productions have announced that murder-mystery card-battler RPG The Magister will launch for Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam) on September 2, followed by an Xbox One release on September 3.

The Magister was originally announced for release in 2020 before it was delayed into 2021. A demo version of the game, titled The Magister: The First Two Days, will be available to download from Steam shortly before the game's launch.

The release date trailer, details, and screenshot set can be found below, via Digerati.

The latest game from developer Nerdook (Monster Slayers, Vertical Drop Heroes, Reverse Crawl), The Magister puts players in the role of a Magister – agents assigned to enforce the rule of law in the far-flung provinces of the Empire – who is dispatched to the remote village of Silverhurst to investigate a murder.

Players will be able to sample The Magister ahead of its release courtesy of The Magister: The First Two Days. As the name suggests, it will include the first two days of the randomly-generated whodunnit adventure (the full game takes place over 14 days). An exact release date is still to be confirmed for The Magister: The First Two Days, but it will be available to download from Steam for free sometime before September 2nd. 

The Magister Screenshots and Artwork