Mary Skelter Finale will include romance VN spinoff ending as free DLC

Idea Factory International has announced that the upcoming Western release of Mary Skelter Finale will include a romance visual novel titled Mary Skelter: Locked Up in Love - True End as free DLC for both the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch versions. This VN inclusion was a pre-order bonus for the Japanese version of Mary Skelter Finale, and it acts as the canonical endpoint to the Mary Skelter trilogy.

Idea Factory International notes that Mary Skelter: Locked Up in Love - True End, as well as Locked Up In Love -  Blood High - another VN included in the game, will feature Japanese voices and English text. The main game will feature both Japanese and English voice options.

The announcement details and screenshots can be found below via Idea Factory International. Mary Skelter Finale is set to release on September 30 in North America and on October 1 in Europe. In case you missed it, you can check out the announcement trailer and screenshots from July 2021 here.


We are excited to announce that Mary Skelter : Locked Up in Love - True End, the romantic visual novel getaway, previously only available as a Japanese preorder bonus, will be included as a free DLC in Mary Skelter FinaleTrue End is canonical to the Mary Skelter series, while Locked Up In Love -  Blood High (also included in-game), is a spinoff of the Mary Skelter characters in a school setting.

Nintendo Switch and PS4 users can also grab the FREE Grand Finale Bundle, which includes the True End DLC, as well as additional items + Job Sets:

  • Mary Skelter: Locked Up In Love – True End
  • Supply Drop
  • Traveler’s Equipment
  • Mary Skelter Job Set l
  • Mary Skelter Job Set ll
  • Purification Gallery Unlock
  • Mary Skelter 2 Job Set l
  • Mary Skelter 2 Job Set ll
  • Death end re;Quest Attire Set l

Please note that the True End DLC and the spin-off, Blood High, will use Japanese voices and English subtitles. The base game will still have English and Japanese voiceover options.

About Mary Skelter: Locked Up In Love – True End

Go on a whimsical beach date with the Blood Maiden of your dreams! Can Jack the Blood Youth handle the scorching heat of his first-ever summer? Not even the intense sun can stop the spring in Jack's step!

Basking in the sunlit glow, Jack and his new partner will kick off their new relationship beside the shore! Witness this exciting, never-before-seen spin-off featuring hilarious and heartfelt dates between Jack and the Blood Maidens of Mary Skelter Finale! With this one date, things can go from salty to spicy! Go all the way in this thrilling conclusion for Mary Skelter Finale!

Mary Skelter: Locked Up In Love – True End Screenshots