King's Bounty II gets a third character trailer introducing Aivar

1C Entertainment and Koch Media have released the third character trailer for King's Bounty II, highlighting Aivar - a former knight of the Royal Guard that takes on the life of a mercenary when he refuses to participate in a coup.

Aivar has been shown in King's Bounty II trailers since its announcement, but this video marks his dedicated character trailer. He joins magically-inclined Elisa and Elisa and Katarine, rounding out the RPG's playable trio.

The trailer and description of Elisa can be found below, via 1C Entertainment.

King's Bounty II is set to release tomorrow on August 24 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC (Steam). For more information, you can check out:

Aivar, a descendant of an impoverished noble family, used to be a knight of the Royal Guard. However, at a crucial moment, he refused to support the coup that eventually led to king Claudius’s ascension to the throne. His actions saw him banished from the Guard. Aivar escaped to Artisania, where he earned a fine reputation as a mercenary and became the captain of his own troops: the Hounds of War. Recently, Aivar received an invitation to the Universal Assembly, where Prince Adrian promised to pardon him and offered a good position back with the Royal Guard. Aivar is suspicious of the offer, but thinking he’ll try his luck he sets out to meet the prince..

Darkness descends over the world of Nostria. Conspiracies, sabotage, and necromancy are overshadowing the country. Counties are demanding independence, bandits prowl the roads, and rumors about the overwhelming power of Blight emerge from a whisper in the dark. The old King Claudius was poisoned and cannot lead the kingdom, and so his son, Prince Adrian, must now unite the struggling lands while his power and faith fall under attack. But maybe a saviour – the kingdom's last hope – is already here, to fight back and finally restore peace and order in Nostria?