Tales of Luminaria will have action combat with fully original cast

After the sudden reveal of Tales of Luminaria at Gamescom 2021, Bandai Namco shed some light on the new title in a Japanese interview with Famitsu. Yusuke Tomizawa, the Tales Of series general producer, explained the new mobile game with Yasuhiro Ikeno, the Tales Of mobile games producer.

Most of the prior Tales Of mobile games had crossovers featuring characters from other titles in the series. Luminaria will be different from those as it aims to have a completely original story with an all-new cast of characters. This game will have more than 12 main characters. All of them are made by a single, currently-unnamed designer who is working on the series for the first time. However, none of the characters will be truly considered be the's game main protagonist or heroine.

Tales of Luminaria will feature a 3D action combat gameplay, similar to the console mothership titles. The player can field up to 3 characters in a battle and control one of them by touching and flicking the vertically-placed screen.

Near the end of the interview, Tomizawa and Ikeno confirmed that the mobile game's reveal at Gamescom means that Bandai Namco is getting serious in bringing the game simultaneously worldwide. They also revealed that Luminaria will have a proper English voiceover cast.


Tales of Luminaria is "coming soon" worldwide to Android and iOS mobile devices. Bandai Namco will reveal more details about the new mobile game in a live stream around late September 2021.