PlayStation Now bolsters its catalog with a Final Fantasy every month through January

With the announcement of a 40-minute PlayStation Showcase event on September 9, most Sony-related attention today is understandably spiraling around the tantalizing what-ifs therein. Somewhat lost in all the hubbub was a PlayStation Blog post revealing the upcoming arrivals of not one, not three, but five classic Final Fantasy games on the company's streaming-based all-you-can-dabble platform, PlayStation Now.

Beginning September 7 with the appearance of Final Fantasy VII, another entry in the storied saga of chocobo riders and silver-haired devils will pop up on PlayStation Now every month. Final Fantasy VIII Remastered, 2019's graphically updated spin on the flawed classic, will follow VII's lead on October 5. Next up is Final Fantasy IX on November 2, with Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster joining on December 7 and the excellent Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age rounding it all out on January 4.


PlayStation Now will soon prove to be a popular enough place for world-saving and level-grinding, though with all these great titles already available on Steam — plus the ongoing launch of the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster versions of the first through sixth games — it's probably safe to say PC is presently the most prolific spot around.

Should you happen to be in the market for the best-looking version of a certain divisive PS3-era chapter, Xbox Game Pass is currently the way to go courtesy of the system's immaculate backward compatibility perks.