Pre-registration opens for Edens Zero Pocket Galaxy

Just shy of one year ago, Konami announced two upcoming video games based on the successful Edens Zero manga and its anime adaptation. Now we've got our first real look at one of the games, Edens Zero Pocket Galaxy, a mobile top-down RPG coming to iOS and Android devices.

You can safely skip ahead to the 1:32 mark without missing anything from the actual trailer.

Gameplay in Edens Zero Pocket Galaxy chiefly consists of exploring dungeons and engaging in narrative moments. Some of the story bits are from the original manga; others are fresh. Pocket Galaxy includes over 100 costumes for the cast of characters, including plenty designed by series creator Hiro Mashima.

Pre-registration has officially commenced. Striking while the iron is hot will net you access to the "Cyber Cosplay" costume. It's available to all for a limited time — that's how mobile gacha gets you.

It also gets you through pre-registration milestones. If 100,000 players sign up, everybody will earn three Skip Tickets. At 200,000, it's an Iridescent Material. And if 300,000 people should happen to get prepped, that's 100 Ether Drives for each and every one of them.


Below is a list of Edens Zero Pocket Galaxy's core features, as well as some of the game's costumes. If all of that sounds exciting to you, and you've got a mobile device capable of running the game, hop on over to Konami's English-based website and prepare for an intergalactic adventure in the palm of your hand. No release date has yet been given.

    Play as Shiki, Rebecca, Weisz, Homura and many more!
    Fight through the original story and famous scenes from the manga
    Collect more than 100 costumes including exclusive original costumes
    Combine skills and equipment
    Customize special abilities (“Ether Gear”) for characters

Edens Zero Pocket Galaxy