Ex Astris announced for mobile devices by Arknights developer

Hypergryph (Arknights) has announcedĀ Ex Astris, a premium game set to release for mobile devices. No release window has been shared at this time.

Ex Astris is described as a turn-based 3D RPG where a protagonist from Earth is assigned to a faraway planet for an investigation of the Xeno civilization. ThisĀ investigator then encounters traveling friends, and their adventure unfolds along the journey. Based on the trailer's YouTube description, the narrative also looks to be episodic in nature.

An announcement trailer and pre-alpha gameplay can be found below. You can also check out the official English website and Twitter account. The developers have also posted a lengthy FAQ about the game and what people can expect.

Ex Astris Official Announcement Trailer

Go through the storm, transcend eternity. Dear traveler, enjoy your journey. Ex Astris, the first Premium game presented by Hypergryph, reveals an exploration of episodic narrative and 3D RPG gameplay.

Ex Astris Pre-Alpha Gameplay Trailer

The gameplay footage is recorded directly from a pre-alpha game build work in progress. Does not represent the final look of the game.

Ex Astris Artwork