Roguelite action RPG Dandy Ace launches for Nintendo Switch and Xbox One on September 28

Publisher Neowiz and developer Mad Mimic have announced that roguelite action RPG Dandy Ace will release for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on September 28. A PlayStation 4 version will follow at a later date. The game previously released for PC (Steam) on March 25.

The console versions of Dandy Ace add new content to the game, including new cards and trinkets, which will be added to the existing PC version in parity with the console launch.

A console launch trailer can be found below. For more information, you can check out the PC announcement from earlier this year.

Neowiz today announced that Dandy Ace is headed to Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Xbox consoles on September 28th. The PlayStation version of Dandy Ace is still in production and will be released at a later date. Both the Xbox and the Nintendo Switch editions will be released with brand new never-released content, which is also coming to the existing Steam version in parity with the console launch.

Part Action RPG and part Roguelite, Dandy Ace’s core mechanic is in its extremely versatile skill system. Based on the magic cards that Ace has up his sleeve, the combination and powers of the skills can change depending on the equipped order. Each time Ace journeys into the Cursed Mirror, trapped there by the evil Green-Eyed Magician Lele, the player has a different selection to choose from, enabling countless possibilities for different builds and playstyles.

With the launch of the console version, nearly a dozen new cards have been added, along with a bevy of new trinkets to unlock and equip as Ace faces off against Lele.