Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion announced, set to release in Summer 2022 for Nintendo Switch and PC

During today's Nintendo Direct livestream, Capcom announced Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, an expansion to the base game, set to release in Summer 2022. 

The teaser trailer shows an eerie new location and monster to highlight the expansion, which can be found below alongside a description & screenshots from Capcom.

This expansion is set to release simultaneously on both Nintendo Switch and PC. The release date for the PC version of Monster Hunter Rise has not been announced, but it is set to launch sometime in Early 2022.

Monster Hunter Rise, the critically-acclaimed and top-selling Monster Hunter title that released on Nintendo Switch earlier this year, will be adding a monstrous new expansion to the esteemed series. Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will include an all-new storyline with more new monsters, in addition to new locales, gameplay elements, quest rank, and more. The action-packed expansion is slated for a Summer 2022 simultaneous release for both Nintendo Switch and PC.

As featured in the debut trailer, an eerie new setting serves as a backdrop to a menacing new monster. More on this new monster and other exciting new gameplay details in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will be shared soon.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak