Triangle Strategy launches on March 4, 2022 for Nintendo Switch

Project Triangle Strategy is now Triangle Strategy.

The upcoming strategy RPG will release on March 4 worldwide, per the latest Nintendo Direct. Fresh gameplay footage debuted during the broadcast. Emphasis was placed not only on the choice-based narrative but developer Artdink's response to fan feedback from February's playable demo.

Adjustments to difficulty, improvements to visuals, camera angle controls, the ability to view previous dialogue, and streamlined game flow/loading times were cited during the Direct.

Nintendo's official site has a full list of feedback-related changes for our perusal. The list is quite exhaustive, so head over to that page for the complete scope. Highlights include changes to loading times, quality of life issues, added difficulty options, and a plethora of "battle operation" tweaks.

Take a look at today's demo and fret over the departure of Frederica. You did this!

For those among us whose cravings for a Final Fantasy Tactics and/or Tactics Ogre spiritual successor include a willingness to drop extra cash in the name of love, a "Tactician's Limited Edition" has been revealed. Steelbooks are all the rage these days, but the collectible cards, dice, and "Diary of Orlea" look fantastic. And who doesn't love maps?


Unfortunately, this stylish version has only been announced for Europe — we'll update accordingly if and when that changes.

Finally, producers Yasuaki Arai and Tomoyo Asano have a special message regarding player feedback!

“Based on these survey results, users have high expectations for the game’s story, the personalities of the characters, and the system for levelling up and improving characters in tactical strategy games. These are elements you may not have been able to enjoy fully in the Debut Demo.

However, in the final version of TRIANGLE STRATEGY, you will be able to experience the events leading up to the invasion and what happens after you make specific decisions. The story will branch out in various ways, and many unique characters will enter the story. We hope you’ll look forward to it.

Lastly, our development team was very happy to receive encouraging results about purchase intent from those who responded to the survey!

We will continue to develop the game in an effort to meet your expectations. We appreciate your continued support for TRIANGLE STRATEGY.” – Yasuaki Arai & Tomoya Asano (Producers)

Triangle Strategy