Relayer will launch with multiple languages on February 17, 2022

Kadokawa Games has now confirmed the release date for Relayer. The mecha strategy RPG will be available on February 17, 2022. Note that this technically means the game is missing its initial release window of 2021... unless you consider that most Japanese companies have their fiscal years run from April to March in the following year.

Other than the release date, the publisher also released more information and screenshots adding more details to the gameplay systems known since the initial reveal. For instance, the Hate system will have visible values and characters will have different damage modifiers based on how high or low their Hate value is.

The amount of stages in the game is also clarified. The game's main story will have 43 conversational episodes and 42 battle stages, with 45 simulator stages that can be repeated for grinding character levels. After clearing the main story, the player will be able to access another story called the Asterism Voyage Records, which consists of 35 more stages.


Equipment in Relayer will be grouped into 6 categories: One-handed Sword, Two-handed Sword, Machine Gun, Rifle, Bit, and Shield. The player can spend money to upgrade each item.

However, the four Mech Types will determine the biggest distinctions for each unit. For example, the Backstab pincer can be performed by Assault and Tank mechs since they can equip Swords. Tank is also the only class allowed to equip Shields. The Sniper and Scout mechs instead have a chance to unleash an Overkill attack that immediately destroys the target. The supportive Scout type, which focuses on healing, buffs, and debuffs, can also deploy a Decoy to divert enemies' attention.


The mech types will also factor in the Jobs and Skills that the pilot can acquire in the Star Cube menu. A job group consists of 5 jobs: 1 basic, 2 intermediate, and 2 advanced. The basic job will have a branch that lets the player choose one of two possible growth routes. The character can also obtain jobs and skills from the second branch after they have mastered the advanced job in the first one.

For example, Fighter is the basic class suitable for piloting Assault-type mechs. It has two possible promotion routes:

  1. The Vanguard and Braver jobs will make the unit more frontal in attacking, as they will give skills that increase damage dealt the more the unit collects Hate points.
  2. The Shinobi and Ninja jobs will offer a completely opposite direction, as they will instead focus on evasions and lowering Hate points.

Each job will have its own skill tree where characters can add Passive Skills into their repertoire. A character can have up to 4 Passive Skills learned from any jobs. There are also Active Skills that are tied to certain characters and mech types. For example, the characters Mars and Luna have an exclusive Warp skill that lets them literally move to any spot on the map. Meanwhile, Alnitak is the only character who can summon a more powerful Super Decoy.

Relayer will be available for PlayStation 4 and 5 on February 17, 2022. The Japanese press release implies that the game will launch on that date in not only Japanese but also English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Korean, and Traditional Chinese. However, we have yet to hear a confirmation from Clouded Leopard Entertainment as the publisher responsible for releasing the game's localization outside Japan.

Relayer screenshots