Fishing RPG Moonglow Bay delayed to October 26

Publisher Coatsink and developer Bunnyhug have announced that slice-of-life fishing RPG Moonglow Bay has been delayed to October 26, a few weeks from its original October 7 targeted release. The development team cites more time needed for bug squashing as the reason for a few more weeks in the oven.

The delay message can be found below. For more on the game, you can check out the announcement information from March's ID@Xbox stream or gameplay trailer from E3 2021.

Moonglow Bay is set to release for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass (console, PC), and PC (Steam).


The game is delayed, but not by much! We at Bunnyhug have been working on Moonglow Bay for 4 years alongside Coatsink to make the best experience possible. 

Sadly, over The last few weeks we've been encountering some pesky bugs which have made getting a clean release build difficult. The game is now in a good place and in the final stage of development, but still needs to pass the final hurdles, so to ensure all is right as rain: Well be releasing Moonglow Bay on October 26!

We deeply appreciate your support & hope you can enjoy what's coming, The Bunnyhug Team