Get a closer look at the cast and conflict of Triangle Strategy in a dramatic new Japanese trailer

During today's Square Enix Presents at Tokyo Game Show, the publisher gave us possibly our best look at Triangle Strategy yet in the form of a sweet trailer showcasing several of the game's characters followed by numerous gameplay aspects.

Although the trailer is only available in Japanese, we can still decipher some handy hints about the narrative — the ruler of the Grand Duchy of Aesfrost, for example, is almost certainly not a nice person.

As a narrator charts our course between Triangle Strategy's cast, numerous Japanese voice actors are revealed. The trailer's battle-centric portion highlights how differences in elevation, good placement prior to spellcasting, and a well-timed counterattack are the cornerstones to victory. Lastly, we witness how player decisions can play a vital role in how the game's story will be told and whose allegiances we'll secure along the way.

Triangle Strategy will launch for Nintendo Switch on March 4, 2022.

Triangle Strategy