Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin screenshots detail story, main characters, gameplay basics, Chaos Shrine, Refrin Wetlands, and purchase bonuses

Following the announcement of the game's release date at Tokyo Game Show 2021, Square Enix has released more screenshots and information for Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin.

The details recap elements previously detailed, such as the story premise and characters, as well as highlight components of various gameplay systems and locations. Square Enix also outlines the game's various purchase bonuses.

All the info and screenshots can be found below, via Square Enix.

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin is set to release on March 18, 2022 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC (Epic).



What is Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin?

With the memory of their struggle buried deep within their hearts...

In this hard-core action RPG, Jack must hazard numerous gauntlets to bring the light of the crystals back to a kingdom conquered by darkness. 

Fight your way through excruciating battles with a variety of means to pulverize your enemies. With multiple difficulty options and a wide selection of jobs and weapons available to customize your party, you can choose exactly how you want to play. 

Will restoring the crystals' light usher in peace or a new form of darkness?

...or perhaps something else entirely? 




  • Voice Cast: English - Mocean Melvin; Japanese - Kenjiro Tsuda
  • Feels a strong sense of duty to defeat Chaos. With no hesitation to kill monsters that stand in his way, he pulverizes them with no mercy. 
  • "All I care about is seeing Chaos dead. I need to. It's not a hope or a dream. It's like a hunger. A thirst." 


  • Voice Cast: English - Mark Neely; Japanese - Atsushi Miyauchi
  • The rock of the team, supporting the members with his calm and collected nature. He recognizes Jack's high combat abilities and puts his trust in him. 
  • "Better than good. Only Jack can fight like that." 


  • Voice Cast: English - Alejandro Saab; Japanese - Yusuke Suda
  • Has a kind and happy-go-lucky personality but is just as capable as Ash. Looks up to Jack and admires his powers.
  • "It's a mercy to forget. Those were your words, Jack." 


  • Voice Cast: English - Alejandra Reynoso; Japanese - Kana Okazaki
  • Though the youngest, she has the same level of ability as her comrades to fight through severe battles. Insisting that Chaos doesn't exist, there are times when she and Jack clash. 
  • "And I count four of us." 

Princess Sarah

  • Voice Cast: English - Cherami Leigh; Japanese - Yume Miyamoto
  • The crown princess of Cornelia. An amicable figure who is popular among the citizens of Cornelia, she also interacts with them incognito, such as when playing her lute. 
  • "May the crystal's blessing be with you always." 
Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Character Renders

Event Scenes

A girl named Neon joins Jack's party. Are these four the warriors of light who will save Cornelia as the prophecy foretold..? Neon's crystal resonates with the ones Jack and the team hold. However, the crystals they possess are of a black color.
Almost like a thirst, they only think about defeating Chaos as they continue to slay one monster after another.
Princess Sarah asks for Jack's last name, to which he introduces himself as Jack Garland.

Battle Scenes

Experience the FF Series' Most Challenging and Strategic Battles 

A story painted by layers of challenging action gameplay. Use various abilities to crush your enemies!
Each boss has its own unique movements. Identifying the enemy's swift moves and effectively utilizing soul shield and various abilities will carry you through deadly battles. 
Various weapons such as greatswords, daggers, and spears determine a character's job when equipped. Acquire new abilities and jobs through a character enhancement system called the Job Tree.
Choose among a variety of jobs to select two which you can switch between during battle. Using magic spells is also another effective strategy.

Prepare for battle by acquiring and equipping more powerful gear. Collect various weapons from treasure chests or by defeating enemies. 

General Control


Normal Attacks: Lock on to an enemy and deliver a normal attack. A Break gauge is displayed above the enemy, which will decrease as damage is inflicted.


Action Abilities: Use action abilities by consuming MP. Action abilities can greatly deplenish the enemy's Break gauge.


Soul Burst: Once the enemy's Break gauge reaches zero, the enemy enters a "Break" state. Approach the enemy in the Break state and activate a soul burst to deliver a finishing blow. By defeating enemies using soul bursts, your maximum MP increases, and MP is restored.


Guard: Guard against your enemies' attacks with your weapon.


Dodge: Use the dodge command while guarding to evade attacks.


Soul Shield: Consume Break to set up a soul shield. When you take an attack while your soul shield is up, your maximum MP increases, and MP is restored. Activating a normal attack right when taking an enemy attack delivers a deep-dive counter.


Lightbringer: When your max MP is two bars or more, consume two bars' worth of MP and max MP to activate Lightbringer. Activating Lightbringer makes it easier to finish off enemies with a soul burst and also serves as an effective method to fight back when surrounded by enemies. 

Game Systems

Difficulty Options

  • Hard: A difficulty for players who are skilled at action games, providing thrilling battles.
  • Action: A difficulty for players who are accustomed to action games, providing moderately challenging battles.
  • Story: A difficulty for players who don't usually play action games, allowing to enjoy battles and the story. Make it even easier to play by turning on Casual Mode.

Multiplayer Mode


Play in a group with a maximum of 3 players through online multiplayer mode! Play through the main story and side missions with your friends. In this mode, equipment and other items will drop for each player to loot individually.


In this game, players will explore various locales that exist in the world surrounding Cornelia. However, all of these locations seems foreign, with strange scenery and cultural atmospheres that don't seem to fit into this world.


Chaos Shrine: It is said that a shrine did not originally exist at this location. Perhaps, at a certain point in time, in a distant future in which no one could intervene, an incident happened which triggered the creation of this shrine...


Refrin Wetlands: It is said that in this land exists a material which can cause distortion in the world. By artificially controlling the weather and adding distortion that originally didn't exist through natural causes, it is said that darkness is created.

Product Overview

Standard Physical Edition

  • Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Game (Disc Version)

Digital Standard Edition

  • Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Game (Digital Download)
  • Digital Version In-Game Bonuses

Digital Deluxe Edition

  • Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Game (Digital Download)
  • Season Pass: Additional Missions
    • "Trials of the Dragon King"
    • "Wanderer of the Rift"
  • Digital Artbook
  • Digital Mini-Soundtrack
  • Digital Version In-Game Bonuses

Bonuses for all Digital Versions

  • Pre-order Bonus
    • Early Access (72 Hours)
      • Game available from midnight March 15, 2022 local time
    • Braveheart Weapon and Lustrous Shield
    • Original PS4 Theme
      • For customers who pre-order on the PS Store
  • Early Purchase Bonus
    • Rebellion Weapon
      • Available to users who purchase the game before 11:59pm on April 18, 2022 local time.
Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Screenshots and Artwork