Square Enix's Takashi Tokita would like to create a Pixel Remaster or 3D remake of FF4: The After Years

Final Fantasy IV now has a new 'definitive edition' in the form of Final Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster - but that doesn't mean there's now a single definitive version of the complete story. With that said, at least one person is keen to ensure there will be - one of the game's original staff.

We're referring of course to Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, a direct sequel to the SNES classic initially released for mobile phones but later ported to Wii, PSP, mobile, and PC. The After Years sees many of the FF4 cast return as older characters, fighting alongside their descendants and students in an all-new story that continues many of the themes of the main FF4. 

While the FF4 Pixel Remaster shoots to be a new definitive version of the game, it does lack The After Years, which was included in the PSP's Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection. In a recent Famitsu interview, The After Years Producer and Lead Designer Takashi Tokita, who also served as a supervisor on FF4 Pixel Remaster, spoke on the sequel's skipping on the Pixel Remaster treatment.

"I want to do it at some time, either with a full remake with 3D [models] and voices like the Nintendo DS version, or a Pixel Remaster version," Tokita said of FF4: The After Years. "Honestly, there are few people who have played FFIV: The After Years, so I want to prepare an environment when people can play it on current platforms."

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years actually already has a 3D remake, available on mobile devices and PC, though the PC version is not available for purchase in Japan.

Tokita of course has a strong connection to FF4. While he's worked on many FF titles, FF4 was the first where he held a major role as lead game designer and scenario writer - and he later went on to work in major roles on its GBA, Nintendo DS, and PSP versions. He also acted as producer, writer, and designer of The After Years.

The After Years isn't the only piece of FF4 missing from the Pixel Remaster - it also cut the game's famous 'developer's office', a much-loved easter egg. Despite this it's an excellent version of FF4, however, and is well worth your time. If you plan to play it, check out our full FF4 Pixel Remaster walkthrough to help you avoid any missables.