Monster fusion RPG Cassette Beasts coming to PC, Switch, and Xbox

Swedish publisher Raw Fury has teamed up with UK indie developer Bytten Studio for Cassette Beasts, a quirky and catchy turn-based RPG with monster fusion mechanics in an open world setting. Cassette Beasts will launch via Game Pass on PC, Xbox One, and the shiny new Xbox Series X|S. For those who would prefer a handheld (or hybrid) experience, it will also be available on Nintendo Switch.

Based in Brighton, Bytten Studio is composed of lead artist and writer Jay Baylis with programmer and designer Tom Coxon. Cassette Beasts will be their second game and the first to release on consoles.

Commenting on their partnership, the duo said, “Raw Fury have been really great to work with on Cassette Beasts. Their team gets what we’re trying to achieve with the project and have been very supportive. Cassette Beasts truly feels like a collaboration between us and them – it really wouldn’t have been able to grow into what it is now without Raw Fury backing us.”

“Getting to work with the incredible talent at Bytten Studio is a real joy,” said Raw Fury CEO Jonas Antonsson. “Cassette Beasts is a perfect title for Raw Fury, and we can’t wait to bring its humour, monsters, friendship and unique world to players everywhere.”

Cassette Beasts is a monster-fusing open-world RPG where players collect awesome monsters to use in turn-based battles. Any two monster forms can be combined using the game’s ‘Fusion System,’ creating unique and powerful new ones in the process.

There's presently no word on when we can expect Cassette Beasts to pop into our proverbial tape decks, but we'll be sure to share more news about this one as soon as there is, in fact, more news to be shared.

Cassette Beasts