Neptunia x Senran Kagura: Ninja Wars details combat and more with new Extreme Gameplay Trailer

Idea Factory International has shared a new trailer for Neptunia x Senran Kagura: Ninja Wars, showcasing combat and other gameplay in the crossover action RPG.

The trailer can be found below, alongside details for many gameplay systems, via Idea Factory International.

Neptunia x Senran Kagura: Ninja Wars is set to release on October 26 in North America and October 29 in Europe for PlayStation 4.

Ninja Art Skills and Ninja Art Triggers


Ninja Art Skills are activated via the Stamina Gauge! Because the screen slows while you select a skill in-battle, you can calmly and conveniently select the skill you'd like to use with ease. Assign your favorite skills to any of the face buttons.

By executing a new Ninja Art Skill in a way that chains it to the previous skill, you will activate the Ninja Art Trigger chain effect, which will amplify the effects of Ninja Art Skills!

It's possible to chain [First] → [2nd] → [3rd] → [End] for a total of 4 stages, so try unleashing skills in succession!

Shinobi Extreme


Shinobi Extreme is a special attack you can activate when your EX Gauge is at max!

You can deal massive damage to your enemies, along with a flashy cut-in effect!

Fuurinkazan Drive


Fuurinkazan Drive is an awakened mode that you can activate at any time.

It gives you various benefits, depending on the battle-type (Wind, Forest, Fire, Mountain), for a brief time when activated!

You have a set amount of times you can activate it during one dungeon, so make sure you keep an eye on things during battle. Use it when you need to!

Spirit Gems


Spirit Gems are special items which can be obtained through battles and other places. They grant characters various effects by placing them onto the "Spirit Gem Board."

By placing Spirit Gems of the same type into specific shapes, bonus effects will activate! There are only 3 available slots on the Spirit Gem Board at first, but more will unlock as you level up. You can also synthesize Spirit Gems that are the same level and type to create an even stronger Spirit Gem!

Kumotsu Shrine


At the Kumotsu Shrine, you can receive various requests from all over Gamninjustri.

There are a few types of requests, such as collecting items or fighting various yokai, and some even have time limits. You get rewarded for completing requests, so try to take on as many as you can!

Another function of the Kumotsu Shrine includes the Treasury (a gallery). By progressing through the game, the content will be recorded in this section. It includes the following:

  • View Event CGs
  • Characters
  • View Movies
  • View Events
  • BGM Playback

Yomi Training


Yomi Training is a high-difficulty mode that appears after clearing the main story! There are 8 different kinds of Yomi Training, and they each have 3 levels.

Within a single trial, not only does your remaining HP and Fuurinkazan Drives carry over, various restrictions are applied, such as blocking the use of items of Ninja Art Skills. This makes it incredibly challenging.

By completing the clear conditions for each trial, you'll obtain an incredible reward. Make sure to customize your equipment as much as you can in order to take on these special battles.

Peaches & Cream Meditation


"Peaches & Cream Meditation" is ninja training in which you work out your core by balancing on a giant, swaying, jiggling peach! Continue to keep balance by tilting your controller, so your character doesn't fall off the peach.

A "Patience Challenge" will occur during meditation for extra fun!

Mindful Peach: A Patience Challenge that tests if you can tilt the controller and have the character fit into the frame of light, keeping balance there.

Clarity Peach: A Patience Challenge that tests if you can keep your balance while the balance guide is no longer displayed for a brief period of time. By succeeding at Peaches & Cream Meditation, you'll be given a temporary boost to abilities, giving you an advantage in battle! Furthermore, there are 3 difficulty levels to the mini-game, and the higher the difficulty cleared, the greater the effect received. However, the higher the difficulty, the bigger the peach will become, making it harder to keep your balance!

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