Pixel-art hack-and-slash Labyrinth Legend releases for Nintendo Switch eShop on January 18, 2022

NIS America has announced that Labyrinth Legend will release for Nintendo Switch eShop on January 18, 2022. The pixel-art hack-and-slash originally released for PC (Steam) in July 2020.

A new gameplay trailer can be found below. More information can be seen in the announcement from September 2021.

The kingdom of Kanata is home to a mysterious labyrinth that houses a lost royal treasure, and it is up to you to claim it! Each dungeon and the equipment within them are auto-generated, allowing for unlimited replay possibilities. Learn about the labyrinth as you go with a growing and evolving story, experience all three classes offering their own distinct abilities, and bring your friends along with local co-op!

Coming January 18, 2022.