Atlus reveals Persona 4 Arena Ultimax launching for PS4, PC, and Switch on March 17, 2022

Persona's platform reach expands once again as Atlus revealed Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is headed to PS4, PC via Steam, and Switch on March 17, 2022, during The Game Awards. Sure, it's no RPG, but it is a continuation to the Persona 4 story - that should count. 

Fans of Atlus RPGs can remain hopeful, as it looks like the company and Sega continue to publish their older hits on platforms that aren't Vita. Ultimax wasn't one of those forsaken to the beloved handheld, but it's been eight years since the Arc System Works fighter launched on 360 and PS3. Today's announcement brings P4 Arena Ultimax to new platforms with features like Steam Achievements and Trading Cards, online PVP, and dual English and Japanese voice options. 

The Persona surprise featured a brand new trailer, revisiting fights between P4 Golden castmates like Chie, Rise, and Yu. On Steam, you can pick up Arena Ultimax and Golden bundled together for a 30% discount, making them $34.98 USD. 

After years of crossing our fingers and begging Atlus to revisit old favorites, it's pretty neat to see updates like today's Arena Ultimax announcement. Back in 2020, Sega and Atlus brought the once Vita-exclusive, Persona 4 Golden, to Steam, and Nocturne later followed this year for the same PC storefront.