Super Robot Wars producer Takanobu Terada left B.B. Studio but will still supervise the series

Takanobu Terada, the producer of the Super Robot Wars series, announced at the franchise's December 2021 live stream that he had left B.B. Studio on August 31. However, he will still be involved in the series as a Supervisor going forward.

Following this announcement, Terada also revealed his own Twitter account. He describes himself as a freelance producer, planner, and game creator who also writes scenarios and supervises robot toys and plastic models. However, he also asks users to refrain from directly asking him about Super Robot Wars since it's not the series' official account.

Terada's first tweet reiterated the announcement he made at the stream. You can also check our translation of the tweet right below:

As announced at the Live SRW Channel on December 10, I have resigned from the company I've been working at for many years, and I am currently working as a freelance. I will continue to get involved in Super Robot Wars as a Supervisor. And I have opened a Twitter account, so please kindly follow me if you don't mind.

While Takanobu Terada has been known as the SRW producer, he was not the one who created the franchise. Terada joined Banpresto after gaining interest from playing the 1991 NES game 2nd Super Robot Wars. He had his first job as a game producer with 2nd Super Robot Wars G, a 1995 Game Boy port of the above title. He stayed in Banpresto's game studio even after Bandai Namco merged it with BEC to form B.B. Studio in 2011.

Terada also explained in the stream that he consulted this matter with Bandai Namco because he wants to work on more things other than just the Super Robot Wars series. He also wants to focus on creating content for SRW titles, such as writing scenarios and supervising the graphics.

While Bandai Namco supported his decision, they asked him to not publicize this matter until the development for Super Robot Wars 30 had settled down. This explains why the public and media were not aware of Terada's employment status when he revealed Lelouch's Gekkoei Sui for SRW 30 last September.

Despite going freelance, Terada will still be present in upcoming events and streams related to the SRW series. He also reiterated his interest in working on the scenario for the long-teased new SRW Original Generation title, which has still yet to enter full production as of this announcement.