FFXIV Endwalker Patch 6.05 notes reveal new battle adjustments, treasure maps, and housing items

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker gets its first Savage tier of raids today with Pandaemonium: Asphodelos and the patch notes for the latest content additions are live. The Lodestone's new breakdown includes adjustments to battle jobs, housing items, and vague teases around more collectibles. 

Two weeks after conquering the new Pandaemonium encounters in their normal modes, players can now enter the Savage versions of each fight. You'll need an average item level of 570 to enter The First Circle (Savage), 575 for The Second Circle, and 580 for the last two tiers. Just like before, new crafted gear will make that goal a little more manageable as new recipes for FFXIV's equipment launch alongside raids in 6.05.


Battle adjustments become easier to gauge after the community has a go at new Savage bosses, but, at a glance, plenty of these adjustments read like quality of life tweaks. For example, Scholar's Fairy tether ability, Fey Union, saw a range increase that makes it harder to break while Monk's fixes address player concerns around ghosting abilities. Summoner, Dragoon, and Reaper all saw potency increases or decreases, too. 

As for Ninja, the melee DPS FFXIV's community has undoubtedly seen the most ruckus over; there's a few changes that seem to offer a bit of a buff and alleviate irritation around its gap closer. The game is unavailable for now, though, so we'll wait until Ninja mains take it for a spin before making that call. 


If Savage content isn't your thing, there's still a handful of other options to indulge in. Perhaps the biggest is the debut of The Excitatron 6000, a whimsical arena available via Endwalker's Kumbhiraskin treasure maps. Just like in the Dungeons of Lyhe Ghiah, you'll gather a party of eight to unlock new rewards like crafting materials, minions, Gil, and more. 

Square Enix also showed off extra screenshots of housing items available in the patch, along with glamour items and a golden minion. There's undoubtedly more—the outline says as much—but we won't officially know what other mounts, MGP rewards, and outfits await until the game is live. 

For a complete look at 6.05, you can head over to the Lodestone. And FFXIV should be back up and running from maintenance on January 4 at 2 am PST.